Monday, May 23, 2011

Red-Tinted Glasses.

It's not often Sir Alex goes into his lair plotting downfall. Never would a Manchester United victory be called an upset.

But now you've come along.

Disappointed that your team hasn't won anything worth showing this year (Yes, Arsenal fans, Emirates cup doesn't count; and yes ManC fans, I don't consider you literate enough to read this) or weak enough to consider yourself a realist, you've put your "smart" money on Barcelona - in spite of sharing the joy of being crowned Champions a mere week ago, the joys of being crowned Champ19ns, and well, joys quenching your sadist lust. You're everywhere saying how this isn't a CL winning squad, how Barcelona's players are too good, how they've won literally everything, beating a Manchester United Team in the process, how they have a two time Ballon d'Or winning 23 year old and a midfield that feeds him like a mother would her child.

Yet you forget how United have a 22year old Mexican who Jesus definitely loves, how Giggs is Giggs, how Vidic once cried after watching Terminator-3 because it was a "touching romantic comedy" and most importantly, how this man convinced Dumbledor to give him the Philosopher's Stone. This man has been symbol for footballing masterminded-ness for decades now. He caused the uprising of the 90s (downfall, if you support Livepool), he moulded the likes of Cantona, Beckham and Ronaldo, it was he that knocked 'pool of their perch and he who orchestrated the lifting of that European Cup that night, ironically enough, at Camp Nou with what was considered a depleted squad.

If you're still betting against Man United, you're just helping the odds.

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