Saturday, March 26, 2011


"Changed my religious views to Batmanism. Now I'm just like everyone else, worshiping a fictional character."

I write now from an undisclosed location somewhere in an East African jungle. Or I presume it's an East African Jungle to keep myself from the fact that this could indeed be a parallel dimension. However, this place has WiFi connectivity just so I can assure my friends and family of my safety. And for my amusement, I have allowed them to think me to be dead. For further amusement, I've been laughing at Balotelli. And now you are. But of course, Balotelli isn't completely pathetic. What's the opposite of pathetic is a a doctor devoid of any sense of emotion, yet loved because he abuses people.

What is pathetic is how people see things. Yes, I mean perspective. Your perspective actually. Partly because it doesn't match with mine. Which is why it's simply called "your perspective" and not adorned with other adjectives (you might spot him getting the lyrics wrong. Or I'm just lying.) I know, I've posted this argument numerous times before and won because I'm talking to you rather than with you.

And yes, you're wondering what I'm doing in this Parallel Dimension's East African jungle?
Truth is, I've been on a hunting trip for a long time now. My travels eventually led me to.. here. False is, I've been busy studying and concentrating on my examinations. Memoirs of my travels shall be released soon...

The question really is, where?

"Your god rides a chariot in the sky? My god has the motherfucking batmobile."

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