Tuesday, March 1, 2011

High-fiving Mosquitoes.

"What? What? you got a problem with this?
Maybe I should kick you in the face with my fist"

The title doesn't has some mystical, thought provoking hidden meaning like my usual work. It's simple and for simple people. I'm sorry. That was sexist. Then again, so is Jon Lajoe and he's got 18,386,276 hits( This number may have shot up, now that I've advertised here) (if not, this post hasn't been up for too long.) and I've been on top of BR's ratings ever since I put that up. True story.

Speaking of truth and stories, I never read Amar Chitra Katha. If you did, you probably have flaws in your education equivalent to brainwashing. Ah yes, education. I don't know if you don't already know this, but the close of 10th signifies the beginning of the 12month long flirt-fest known as 11th. So start practicing y'all.

The end of my 10th, however, signifies the end of the Cricket 14 Nation Cup. which is apparently as big as it gets in cricket. These tickets are selling on caughtOffside for 229 pounds. United Arsenal tickets sell for 89 pounds. This implies that when demand reduces, prices rise. Economics 101.

This post has been like swatting metaphorical flies (weak, pathetic things) with my almighty, powerful hand (my hand). Gettit now?

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