Monday, December 27, 2010

Lies and Other Forms of Love.

Some people cannot be reasoned with. They will continue to live in the bubble they have created for themselves, no matter how inaccurate or erroneous the little knowledge they possess may be. They'd love to argue and win, but sometimes, now matter how badly they get beaten up, they remain unaware of the fact they've lost, they don't correct their delusional selves, and continue to retort.

For example, you.

Oh, you think otherwise? Who invented the telephone? Bell, right? WRONG. But this is a debatable issue, right? WRONG. Sshhh.. take the hit... Take the hit. (Speaking of hits, my blog's got, like, 600. And I didn't need a fan page.)

So what do you do when people don't accept facts? No, you don't make a religion out of it, that's like so passe. You lie to them. Because you love them. Or at least, want to give that impression so they eventually put your picture on currency notes (you want a link here? Really?).

The other form of love would be sex. Maybe. I wouldn't know (I blog. Do the math) (And if you do do math, don't bother). And that brings us to the end of another great.. paragraph.

So while people argue and debate over things, it's a great concern of mine that people are under the impression that this is a recent picture. Hahaha.. some people just cannot be reasoned with. That was a joke!

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