Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Grave Perspective of Things.

Writing is like cooking. If you put enough Garlic into anything, it becomes edible. Now I'm wondering if that analogy was any good in the first place. But then I realise that there have been worse.

And that's the problem. Everything seems good because there's always something worse to compare it with. Would you like to dance to to this dude? How about now? So it's all about perspective. And perspective is all about limits. Something medium may look a large if you've only ever seen a small. No, don't think like that. And sometimes, perspective can be way off.

So seriously, don't wish for things to have been different. Because your life would suck as much even if you were born in Greenland. Because it sucks just as much as this guy's! Even then, it wouldn't be so bad, because there will still be worse things to compare it to. and even worse things to compare that to. Just kidding. Nothing's worse than that. Not even the co-author of Randomosity.

So it's all about how you look at things. And, like SAF said, your cow could be just as good as the other cow.

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