Friday, December 24, 2010

Divine Intervention.

Following the trend at Randomosity, I at An Allegory of My Foot have become we. No, we haven't turned scouse (inside joke), but instead I now have a team.

Fat Jesus is the latest (and second) member and shall now edit my work, i.e. sit at home pretending He has work to do. His awesome inputs shall surely light up proceedings here.

Well, now that the blog has over 200 hits, I get people telling me how awesome My Blog is.
Except three people. One of them has moved over to the Awesome-side and the other two have been females, so obviously I paid no heed. Listening to them would be like trying to make sense of the English FA.

Also, it's almost Christmas. So enjoy the rumour that is the birth of Christ with our very own Fat Jesus!

This one goes out hoping the good folks at Randomosity get that new hot assistant we're all waiting for. and that this Divine Intervention brings out our true colours - Black & White.

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