Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eureka! Someone Else Found It!

"While I'm physically straight, you might find me mentally gay. Because I blow your mind."- Bo Burnham.

It's not everyday that you come across something awesome on the internet.
Who am I kidding? It's more like every half hour.

So what's this super awesome tool I'm on about?

This site can figure out women, people! And men!
At least, their taste in music. Last.FM has this tool called 'The Scrobbler', which is inserted inside your brain to figure out what you like. Sort of.

Once that's done, you press play and it churns out music that you probably haven't heard, which is to your taste! Like, if you listen to Franz Ferdinand, it gives you Kaiser Chiefs. You listen to Linkin Park, it gives you The Prodigy. You listen to Justin Bieber, It shuts down! Just kidding. Now I'm too scared to try that.

Another grand "Finding" of mine has been Vader's "Noooooooooo!" on Facebook. It's briliant for situations where it's inappropriate to actually sing it. And is apt for that awkward moment when you realise that you're a liverpool fan.

And big shout out to my man at Randomosity!