Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Unusual Suspects.

"All that's yellow is not Dhokla"- Wise words from the worst movie ever

I prefer to think I can judge most things and that, to an extent, I can predict how things will turn out. I'm not particularly gifted in foresight, but it's knowledge of how certain kinds of people react to certain kinds of information that gives me this ability. One could call this a basic understanding of the world.

However, at times, people don't really know what it is that they are supposed to do, leading to the unpredicted or the unexpected. However irritating this ability of humans to think for themselves maybe, it's what makes change a constant phenomenon. I'm not saying that change a good thing, but it's something we have to bear with.

So we try to find some sense in this totally random world. We ask questions, that don't necessarily get us straight forward answers, but keep us occupied none the less. And this will surely help you do that. If it doesn't, why don't you do something with the time on your hands.

Why don't you start something and see how it goes? They say an idle mind is the devil's workshop, so let's see what he's been up to in there. Create something no one expects you to do.

Let's face it, you're not something amazing are you? You're just another everyday dude. People can predict what it is you're gonna do. Nothing amazing, or awe-inspiring about you. Right? Wrong? Prove me. Right, wrong, your choice.

Do the unusual. Nay, be the unusual. Because you're a special kind of pathetic, aren't you?

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