Friday, December 31, 2010


The year gone by has sucked. Major. Like every other year. So raise your glasses in hope that the next would suck less. Hope is all we have. And Hope is whom we wish we had.

But here's what hope really is - Hope is the ability to have a blank canvas. To cleanse yourself of facts and figures and occurrences that have transpired. To rid yourself of the memories of the truth and what not and to have no single, solitary, well defined expectation. Rather, having an abstract wish for the future to be more pleasing.

On the first of January 2010, a little known Blackpool side was 8th. They'll stay 8th on
January 2011. The difference being that, on that particular date in 2010, Blackpool were considered favourites to be relegated from the Championship. That's right, relegated from the Championship even, down to second Division football. In 2011, they'll be battling it out for a place in the Europa League. The same competition where Liverpool, Athletico Madrid, Juventus, Fulham, etc ply their trade. It's not going to be easy, and they'll probably return empty handed. But from the Championship to Europe is an #Epic journey on it's own.

On the other hand, on the first of January, I woke up in the morning, existed, and went back to sleep eventually. I doubt tomorrow morning will be any different. The journey from my bed to the loo is probably not one that's going to be telecast-ed.

So you've inhaled a lot of stories this year. Hopefully, not that way. Kept them in your metaphorical lungs. Now let them all out. Exhale. Hope. Begin inhalation. Repeat.

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