Saturday, January 1, 2011


They say that a picture can speak a thousand words. Then this is probably equivalent to four. Upon reading this work, one realises that the lack of quality players in not the problem at United, quite in contrary to popular belief that United have numerous voids on the pitch left by Ronaldo.

No this is definitely not about you. This is about Ji Sung Park (aka Park Ji Sung) (idk why)

As Anon pointed out, there are numerous players in the United squad right now who are in sublime form and are carrying great momentum. This obviously makes it a great difficulty for the manager to pick out a starting 11 without leaving out some quality players who can add to the team something dynamic. One such player off late, has been Park Ji-Sung.

Born to a factory worker in Suwon, Ji Sung Park was a small child for his age and his father blah blah blah blah.. he signed with united for a 4million pound deal. Where he has now made 345 appearances and scored 51 times.

Those, however, these are just numbers. And numbers cannot ever be used to measure the sweat that Park drips week in and week out. The effort he puts in and the level of fitness he posses is beyond most players in his league. He may not be the most skilled of players, but his exceptional pace, stamina and position makes his better better than your better.

When you talk about most players, you talk about certain characteristics of their game that'
s better than others'. Like Ronaldo's dribbling, Zidane's heading (nope, not tagging that.) and De Jong's Tackling. His wonderful tackling. It's not a fluke if you do it repeatedly. However, if you're on about Park, you might say he's hard worker, or that he's a team player, about his movement of the ball, about him being a hard worker, that he's a good passer, that he's a hard worker. But on the ball, he has no major flaws. He's a good dribbler, has a grand first touch, and powerful, stinging shot.

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