Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Society's Secrets.

It's not my aim to be disrespectful. I wish to be abusive.

My latest post at BR has earned me the highest grossing article of theirs, thus far, this year. However, I now believe that Chris Toy will no longer be a fan of mine. Though I might have earned a fan in Andy Gray, because our ideologies match.

Speaking of matching ideologies, mine doesn't match with yours.. if you happen to be a hag well post your retirement, telling me about how glorious my traditions are, and how much of a jack I am to be leaving them behind. Traditions like Sati and untouchability, right? Boohoo. It's sad how the above mentioned you find brilliantly lame reasons to support something abstract and random like religion and connect to something as austere as science. So what they're telling you is.. really, I have no idea. Just listen to this.

I may sound slightly bitter, but why not? In fact, there's almost too many reasons for you to curse the (lack of existence of) God now! Or get sad and stuff.

But every cloud has a silver lining. If you're in NASHIK! D'oh!

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