Friday, January 14, 2011

It's nice to know that you're alive. Yes, there are people trying to kill you, and you should remain in hiding.

As you must've realised, this is not about you. I know, however, that you love things being about you. So I'll make this about you. But reading the above paragraph, you'd realise that's not a very good thing. But this is.

And this isn't. What were your reactions on reading that? I know mine. In case you were wonder (and don't pretend you weren't) The first few lines here were written hoping Paul was one of my readers from Ukraine.

While we're on the topic of things you laugh at, rather than laugh with, here's something from CaughtOffside. I now you didn't even open that link when you read it was from CoS. If you did, then you might want to read this message.

And yes, that is right, my very title is a link this time. And, let's face, the links are the only reason you're reading this! Am I annoying you? If not, then why not exercise your finger a little.
Damn it! You use Chrome don't you? You probably prevented the site from showing you anything? Spoil sport.

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