Sunday, January 2, 2011

Smooth Jazz.

B.B. King is Epic. Hendrix and he together make for #EpicAwesome. I know my dearest at BR wouldn't approve of the way in which I've used the hash, but I still don't give a shit.

There's this thing about Jazz. It's better than most forms of music, if not all. You just cannot point out at it saying this is what I like about it. It's the opposite of austere, it's beautiful. If you think otherwise, I'm sure Prthvir's girlfriend can change your mind. It's all about Perspective.

So you've guessed, this is about that which inspired me. So it's definitely not about you. It's about smooth things. Like Jazz. And the ability to lie.

Really, when will our English teachers spot sarcasm in our "fabulous" essays about Carnatic music? "..They're blissful vocals left us in a meditation-like trance." really means "I don't know what happened. I ended up in a coma." and "..the enthralled audience could only applaud in awe, as the musicians took a bow." translates to "I stifiled a yawn and decided to copy the review from the paper."

Also, poetry sucks. So does Math. The last thing I need now, is a poem on math. That's like two of the worst things in the world. Together. But it's not that bad. Or is it?


  1. Constructive Criticism 101: Get a fuckin editor you knob! OR edit it yourself.Reading the last two pieces was painful!