Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How It Works.

I believe that today, I caused a change to the Indian economy. But this can all be traced back to when Amartya Sen won his Nobel prize.

So Amartya Sen won his Nobel Prize in economics and became a famous dude. Because of his fame caused him being invited to The SRM college. Because he was invited to this college, numerous other schools happened to be invited to this college as well. One of these, happened to be my school.

Now my seniors happened to go there(to learn stuff) accompanied by my Math teacher. So as to not deny us a day of arithmetic, she requested us to show up early for class. However, if in my school you happen to show up late, it isn't possible for you to get to class until 8:30 (without feeling like this), which is if you have some kind of a reason - a math class to attend, for example. This left me with only 10mins of Probability to go through, allowing me to feel extremely smug about how I and Matt Preston's voice in my head, planned it all out.

However, me being late led to me delaying my auto-wala's daily route by 20mins. This meant he just wasted 20mins he could have spent earning (see what I did there? huh? huh?!) thereby, screwing up the economy. That was growing so well! Damn!

And that is how the economy works. Someone wins a nobel prize, and someone has to skip his katte ki chai.

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