Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Following the close of the transfer window (and that of numerous careers, might I add), I must say, the word irony is written all over it. The reason as to why I must say it is
still unclear to me. But not for the people at (scroll down to Tesco Value Award). What's more Ironic is the US asking Hosni Mubarak to step down after having him elected 6 times, leading him to remain in power for 30 years. Or is it?

Following the trend at BR, I posted a random title so as to succeed in persuading you to read this random article. Seeing that you have, I am successful. Not that I'm surprised.

Why I am surprised is that you bought that. You seem to be stupid. Stupid like someone being beaten to death first and then being accused of being a narcissistic terrorist linked to 9/11, a criminal and a rapist. And did I forget to mention a refuse-to-give-ID-card-er? That would be stupid.

And finally, the crowning glory. The link you've all been waiting for. Your anticipation rises like milk when it's boiling, like a glorious sun on East at dawn, like Mr. Pickwick on a Sunday morning..

It's not what you think it is.

That ended abruptly. There must be a part II..

In case you haven't goane ahead and done this on your own, here are lyrics.

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