Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's that time of the year when entertainers receive awards for their efforts in their chosen fields. Movies and people who do stuff in movies win the Oscars, Music people win Grammys and some East African wins every marathon. And except for the East Africans, none of these people really make any amazing music to win this stuff. In fact, it's mine (and Kanye's) perspective that deserving winners do not win. and the least deserving do. For obvious reasons, those who decide which movies get nominated are total twats.

But that's just my view (and Kanye's).

There's a new wave of democracies going on. These years will be mentioned in numerous textbooks for future generations to study. And you read it first here. After Tunisia and Egypt, Palestine's cabinet is the next one under fire. People may say that the happenings in Egypt inspired these other countries to chuck their leaders. This assumption is wrong. It's a well known fact that it was my history teacher who visited Egypt told her guide "You should over throw Mubarak. It'll make for funny Tweets in the future."

Not that she tweets, but I can only imagine her intentions...

But with their violence inspiring us, Ronaldo who's awesome-ness has inspired lame-ness from defenders for years has decided to hang his boots. No, not Ronaldo, RONALDO! Not Garry Neville! Ronaldo!

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  1. Now, Imma let you finish, but Ronaldo was the greater player of all time! ALL TIME!