Sunday, February 20, 2011

Think Piece.

For a long time, abstract thoughts have been taking shape in my head. Forming images so beautiful, that I cannot begin to describe them. Now I'm just writing a sentence so as to link you to this. I'm a nice person, aren't I?

Part of the reason why I can't describe these thoughts in my head is because I have some dental issues bothering me. And there is no other reason. I know what you're thinking,"Why would that be a problem if he has to type it out?" Well I don't have a smart, yet funny, comeback to that, so boo you, you're a fat-face!

What's a fat-face? I thought you'd never ask. :D

Just. Like. You.

It's okay. You should maybe take up a light workout. Like a walking, yoga, or, I don't know, something a little more strenuous. Maybe even some mental exercise. Just because. Yes, these are Liked on women only. That said, this is still funny. But there's some kinds of funny I don't get. But I didn't go to college, son.

Not going to college is okay. But what's really gotta push your buttons is not getting invited to a wedding. Especially when you're of such close relation! I guess weddings just inspire stupidity in women.

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