Thursday, December 23, 2010

Branding you on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg is in China. Talk about fish out of water.
But that's not what this is about. This is about you.

I'm biased. I'm not neutral. Ever.
Hell, I'm so biased, I make the KKK look like a group of American Idol judges.
So when I see things or people, I expect things from these things or people. And so much so, that when these things deviate a little from what I expect of them, they appear to do exactly what I want them to do. For example, I see Ronaldo getting fouled, I see it like this. When it's more like this

So when I talk to you, or read your status on Facebook, I have a mindset. I know you're gonna tell me about transfer rumours, I know you're gonna try to convert me to Death Metal, I know we'll talk about sweet nothings, I know you'll give me the Home Work.

I know you'll bitch about things on your status, that guy's status is best for banter, he'll make me ROTFL on his status. I know she'll post lame lyrics followed by, like, tweenty-something hearts, I knw he iz frm Apeejay ven he spells lyk dis.

But the funny thing is, this doesn't make Facebook predictable at all. With 500+ friends, this makes Facebook a rather versatile place. Sure, you're the same, special kind of stupid, but with you, the rest of Facebook is one giant mass of stupidity, and floods my home-page with half-assed awesome-ness.

But if one thing is constant, It's rajnikanth's glory :P
Change can be put on hold for a while.

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