Friday, December 24, 2010

An Excuse to Make You See Things.

I've been feeling spiritual lately. Not because I've got a halo over my head and I begin to levitate when I meditate. No. But rather because Fat Jesus is my new editor!

It's amazing how there are so many atoms in the world. It's more amazing how they come together to form planets, and stars and giraffes. But what's more amazing is how amazing this song is and how shitty it's video is!

But what has to be the most amazing thing this week has to be how one sided the match on Sunday is going to be. Sunderland are incapable of fielding their first team, and United even have Michael Owen fit for the match. Sunderland of course beat Chelsea 0-3 while I was out on an adventure trail. Though I saw many things after that match reached half time. Danny Welbeck, I believe, was instrumental on that night and even scored one, causing four of the chelsea players to strike the same pose at the same time.

But that's after all the fun and excitement that is Christmas. Or is it? Also, Coldplay's Christmas Lights has got me depressed. The same effect any other Coldplay song has on me. Or people, in general. That's not Amazing.
So remember, Christmas Lights cause Global Warming! Which is more awesome than amazing. Or amazing.

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